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D'Vida Private Society - A Society for Life!

On this page we will explain the significance of a Private Society within the jurisdiction of the Kingdom of David, and how it provides the Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities that compliment the Proclamation of Peace and Sovereign Integrity. When one takes the steps provided in this website, one automatically becomes a Full Member of D’Vida Private Society, A Society for Life. This establishes the Living Body Politic, the Ekklesia, unified in a Global Community of like-hearted, like-spirited, and like-minded Living Beings. This Living Body Politic has the advantage and benefits of creating such a community that includes all who wish to preserve and protect the Sanctity of all Life.

The D’Vida Private Society is inclusive of a Private Contract Association (“PCA”) that all Members are a part of in creating this Global Community. Contract is the highest form of Law in the world system, and when combined with the private designation, in private association, within the Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities of the Crown Sovereign of the Kingdom of David, there is no better protection for the Sovereign Integrity of every Member as a Living Being who is part of the greater whole of the Ekklesia of this Body Politic.

Our Society is a Multi-Generational Legacy Trust for the children of the future. It is being created now by the Living Beings who are standing for Peace and Sovereign Integrity and Life. It has been created to bring Mankind together in Peace and Plenitude, so that all may enjoy the benefits and fulfillment of a rich and abundant Life. His Majesty David Joel has brought together a dynamic organization with expertise in Law and many other subjects to assure the integrity and success of this endeavor. We have the knowledge of the Law and the resources of the World with which to build this Society as a new reality so that all shall be Free and stand first in the Kingdom within, while learning to Stand on the Land, and how to use the true essence of the Law to protect and preserve the Sanctity of all Life. Together we will progressively build the Kingdom as a Global Community and create an extraordinary future for all the children now in this World and for all the future generations to come. This is our Legacy for the Future!

There is much to learn, much to heal, and much to build for that Future to become a manifested reality in this world. Join us as we step forth to work and create and build that Future together.

What Is A Private Society?

All countries as we know them today are made up of the People and they are the creators of the State that is supposed to serve the needs of the People. As such, the People are a Body Politic, and firstly, that Body Politic is a Society. This means that all Nation States are created by the political will of the People, who come together as a Body Politic, a Society, and institute a form of government by which the functions of the society are performed. As stated in the Declaration of Independence, promulgated on July 4, 1776, governments are instituted by the People to protect their Rights and, “That to secure these rights, governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.” Thus, we have established D’Vida Private Society to protect the most fundamental of all rights, the right to be secure in our bodies, our homes, our families, and to protect our Right to Life. All Nation States adhere to the principles of The Law of Nations. This was a seminal work published by Emrich de Vattell in French in 1758 and in English in 1760. The work greatly influenced the founding of the United States of America. The following statements may be found in the first section of Book One:

A Private Society, in this context, is one that is formed within a Sovereign jurisdiction that holds and maintains the Right to Private Contract and Private Association, supported by the Law Form of such a Sovereign entity. For our purposes that entity holding the highest station of Sovereignty in this world is the Kingdom of David. On this basis, His Majesty David Joel has issued his Proclamation of Peace and Sovereign Integrity to offer any and all to accept his offer and thereby become a Full Member of D’Vida Private Society as fully described in this website.

The acceptance of the Offer becomes a binding contract with the King, and together the whole Membership creates a Private Contract Association as the Body Politic of  D’Vida Private Society. This is the Ekklesia, the Living Body of the Kingdom. The word “Ekklesia” is a Greek word that means “the body of the congregation” and can also mean “those who are set apart.” In our usage, Ekklesia means those who have chosen to set themselves apart from the Babylonian Death Cult that has ruled our world for thousands of years. This is why we call it the Living Body.

To preserve and protect the highest level of Sovereign Integrity of all  Members, participation in the Society does not create any form of vassalage, peonage, servitude, serfdom, subjugation, or secondary class of citizenship. No Members of our Society are vassals to the King or Crown; they are Members of equal standing in the Society, which is founded on the principles of Peace and Sovereign Integrity. Participation therefore establishes a unique status for each Member that honors, upholds, and respects the Sovereign Integrity of every Man, Woman, and Child. It is a Private Society because it is created and maintained in the private jurisdiction of the Kingdom of David.

Why Is the Proclamation Placed Within
A Private Society & Private Contract Association?

One of the most important things for anyone concerned about our world today, who is choosing to step into the Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities provided by the Proclamation and the Kingdom, is to be open to new concepts and ideas and to access the education that we are providing here – and more to come in the future – to assist in that understanding. The context of these subjects is new for most people, as these things are not taught in school and are generally suppressed throughout all other forums (media, work place, government, churches, and so forth). Comprehensive educational media will soon be launched by the Kingdom and its strategic alliance partners to provide the foundational knowledge to better understand all these subjects.

For the moment, suffice it to say that, as explained above, the structure of a Private Society is the best format for the People to come together in a way that has no restrictions, no attachments, and no methods of bondage or monetary enslavement. We know this to be the best form of self-governance and self-determination available in this world. As stated above, we do not want the People to be subjects, citizens, and bond servants, which is precisely what we are in the current world system. Something we were never meant to know is that these are forms of enslavement.

Being a Member in a Private Society within the protective enclave of the Kingdom provides the jurisdiction in the Kingdom within which the Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities provided by and through the Proclamation can best be achieved. The Private Contract relationship with the Crown Sovereign establishes a lawful basis to secure and enforce the protections provided thereby, and the right of Association is what creates the body politic that is the Ekklesia. Although many of these concepts, words, and constructs have been construed as religious or political, they are in fact much more than that. All of this in combination has been designed and developed by experts in the fields of Law, History, Monetary Structures, and much more, in order to create an environment that is truly lawful and at peace with the existing global political infrastructure, while ensuring true freedom for the People. We are at peace with all Nation States and Institutions of the world, so that we can co-exist in a peaceful manner and work together to achieve our intentions of bringing peace to our world. The Private Society and the Private Contract Association provide just such a method to optimize these intentions.

What Is A Private
Contract Association?

A Private Contract Association (PCA) is a powerful tool to establish, protect, and maintain our private standing as Full Members of D’Vida Private Society. In all countries of the world, there is a distinction between the public and private side of things. For those not familiar with this concept, suffice it to say that what we were told about freedom and democracy was in fact an illusion designed to entrap us into a status of bonded servitude and debt enslavement. This has been achieved by attaching us to what is known as the corporate, statutory public jurisdiction. In that jurisdiction the United States was created as the Master Corporation and all other Nation States, with a few exceptions, were set up during the 20th Century to be sub-divisions of that Master Corporation, all of which was done to create a global system of debt enslavement.

Originally, there was a jurisdiction created in the founding of the United States and United States of America in which the People were the Sovereigns, and they retained their Sovereign capacities with unalienable rights. However, this of course, was an imperfect creation due to the limitations of the time, because “the People” really only meant the free, white, land owning males. Nevertheless, the principles and ideals were pure in their intent and now in our time we are seeing dramatic events unfold to finally protect such unalienable Rights for all Living Beings regardless of race, color, class, station, gender, or the other methods of separating Mankind from itself and creating an environment of “divide and conquer.” The Kingdom of David is leading the way to create a true Society of equitable relationships with all Living Beings and to equalize our lives in such a way as to preserve and protect our Right to Life and Unalienable Rights to Peace and Sovereign Integrity. In this way we intend to lead the Nation States in a direction of higher order and purpose to realize that original dream in America for all People of the World. The right to contract, the right to privacy, and the right to free association are fundamental and foundational to such Rights, and thus, a Private Contract Association is the form by which we establish the Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities within D’Vida Private Society and the Living Ekklesia, Body Politic.

True Privacy and True Protection Guaranteed

This ultimately gets down to the understanding of jurisdiction and the nature of contracts. The absolute right to enter into and engage private contracts is paramount in the law form of the United States of America, pursuant to the federal and all state constitutions. The Kingdom of David law form has been modelled on the best elements of that contract Law form and others throughout the world, preserving and protecting the paramount integrity of private contracts. This recognizes that a private contract makes its own law and can determine its own jurisdiction. Thus, a Private Contract Association guarantees true privacy and protection.

Each Member enters into the PCA by his or her volitional act to accept the offer of contract from the Crown Sovereign via the Proclamation of Peace and Sovereign Integrity. By so doing, one gains the right to use the Proclamation as is laid out in this website for the preservation and protection of one’s Sovereign Integrity to be safe and secure in one’s body, genetics, home, family, and community. We have established our membership organization under the rights of private contract, and our right for private and free association. By so doing, we are retaining and protecting our private capacities, our sovereign integrity, in the Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities of the Kingdom of David.

The protections of the absolute right to enter into private contracts in the United States of America can now be extended worldwide by and through the Kingdom of David. His Majesty David Joel is a native of the land of North America, situated where the political body known as the United States of America is established, and the headquarters of the Kingdom are established on that Land, and therefore, the adoption of the best elements of the Law form of the American ideal is an integral part of the foundation of the Law form of the Kingdom of David. As such, the paramount considerations discussed in this website concerning Private Societies, Private Contract Associations, and the sanctity of Private Contract, are now being extended worldwide to Full Members of D’Vida Private Society by and through and within the Kingdom of David.

What Are The Benefits
of Joining our Society?

There is no criteria that must be met or requirements to satisfy to become a Full Member of the D’Vida Private Society other than to take the simple steps outlined and detailed in this website. By so doing one will create their own individualized documents that in turn can be used to provide the initial level of protections and immunities against unwanted intrusions into our lives and bodies. This will establish a grounding in one’s true Sovereign Integrity and is done without going to battle. It is important to understand that the entire world system has been designed to keep us “in battle” and to pursue an external enemy that somehow is preventing us from achieving our life’s dreams and goals. But this is an illusion. We have the power to protect our lives and those of our families and by so doing, begin to remember our origins. This journey of remembrance is founded upon our true status in all of creation as Free and Sovereign Beings, with full Sovereign Free Will and Sovereign Integrity.

Secure Protections and Immunities

The comprehensive solution presented in this website provides the best available method to secure protections and immunities, with the ability to do so without going into controversy or polarity. Everything presented here is about the synergy of all the component parts, where each part adds to the whole. Our personal security achieved in the manner described adds to the overall movement towards peace in our world in our time. It is about community both locally and globally. It is about working together to build a secure and better world for all sentient beings and all living systems.

Gain A Comprehensive Education

We cannot secure our protections in a vacuum, nor can we build a new and better world without the required education and knowledge. The global population has been purposefully misdirected about history, law, monetary systems, how the world system works, and the availability of the resources to redirect it all towards real solutions. The foundation for all of this is education, and this is what we have been building for years and will continue to build for many more years to come. True knowledge is power, and knowledge and proper use of power leads to wisdom. Most importantly, we are building this Society, the Kingdom, and Real Solutions as a legacy for the future.

Join A Global Like-minded Community

The Kingdom of David is about building community wherever we are and wherever we go. Our work here is to bring communities together. It is about honoring the diversity of expression in all of Life, while recognizing and affirming the Unity therein. Like-mindedness connotes a shared common purpose within this community and throughout the world. That shared common purpose is about Going to Peace, within and without, and transforming this world through the power of our intentions and real work in terms of Acts and Deeds that make a difference.

Lead a Rich and Fulfilling
Life in Peace

We who have come together to begin the building of this grand adventure have found that there is true fulfillment in living a life dedicated to Peace and working to transform our world from one that is burdened with darkness to one that is expressing the joy of Life for all Living Beings. The richness of this path is in the true measure of our success, which shall be the witnessing of many lives being transformed, of communities being healed, and of nations leaving behind the tragedies of war and remembering the fulfillment of Peace. We are committed to seeing this done in our lifetimes and invite all who see this as well, to join our community and commit to the task at hand.

Begin a Journey of Education and Discovery

There is a price to achieve all this. That price is to leave the past behind and to step out of the controlled reality that has posited a different framework for our life here on Planet Earth. In order to do this we must educate ourselves as to the true history of this world and the true nature of the misdirection we have endured for so long. The past framework has entrained our thinking and our hearts to act as if we live in a world based on lack and limitation, and our only strategy was to engage the world in fear and survival. Are we truly willing to leave that behind us? Are we truly willing to “pay the price” by letting go of our self-imposed limitations? Are we ready to step into a world that is established on the foundation of Love and Abundance, in a world that works for all?

In joining this community and Society of Life, D’Vida Private Society, one takes their first step in walking into a new world reality. This begins a journey of education and discovery about subjects and ideas that most have never encountered nor considered. The benefits of this education will increase in direct proportion to one’s efforts and persistence. Through this education and the practical solutions provided, such benefits will become known and will be able to be applied in one’s personal life, for one’s family and community, and ultimately for Mankind and all living beings and systems in this world.

A United
Global Community
for Mutual Benefit

First and foremost, consider that we are creating a global community for mutual benefit, support, and protection. It is evident to many in our world that there are forces afoot that do not have our best interests in mind. In fact, they have a serious agenda that is decidedly against the betterment of the People and intends to do us harm in order to fulfill their misguided intentions.

To supersede this agenda, we need to come together in unity because only in unity can we redirect the flow of current events towards the outcomes we wish to have for ourselves, our children, our neighbors, and our world. We have a choice and we have the power to create a world that works for everyone. But to create such a world we must take on the Mantle of Responsibility; we must realize that the interests we hold in common vastly outweigh the small differences that have been used to keep us apart. There are two great phrases that perfectly express this principle, one of old and one of more recent times:

“United We Stand, Divided We Fall”

“Where We Go One, We Go All”

Standing Together in Unity, Honour and Respect

The Kingdom of David is not one of some distant lord of the land who would have us as his minions and slaves. It is a Kingdom of the People, who stand on the Land, united as One, standing together in honor and respect of our great diversity of faith and expression and creative beauty. D’Vida Private Society, as the Living Body Politic, has the advantage and benefit to embrace and include all who wish to preserve and protect the Sanctity of all Life.

Our Society has the character of a Multi-Generational Legacy Trust, created to bring Mankind together in Peace and Plenitude, so that all may enjoy the benefits of a rich and fulfilling life to pass on to our children and all future generations..

We have the knowledge of the Law and the resources of the World with which to build a new reality so that all shall be Free to stand together in the Kingdom Within, expressing full creative capacity in Peace and Sovereign Integrity. Together we will create an extraordinary future for all the children now in this world and for all the future generations to come.

Membership is Open to All

There is nothing in the Law form, jurisdiction, or structure of the Kingdom of David or D’Vida Private Society and D’Vida Private Contract Association, that in any way binds or limits any Man, Woman, or Child. There is nothing that affects one’s National Identity or in any way limits or controls one’s personal beliefs, private conscience, or relationship with a church or spiritual path. Additionally, there is no charge or fee to do any of the processes and steps detailed in this website. There will never be a charge or fee for any participation in any of the functions described herein or in the future.

The only real requirement is the forbearance, tolerance, and compassion one must hold within to honor and respect all others in their life choices. To do this, it is key to be aware that the forces of domination and control in this world have used the principle of ‘divide and conquer’ for millennia to turn Mankind against itself, and thereby to be easily exploited and controlled. That era is over if we choose to leave it behind as we heal the wounds of the past and embrace the treasures of a bright future for all who choose Life. To this Ideal do we dedicate the Kingdom of David as a Kingdom of Peace and D’Vida Private Society as a Society for Life. With sturdy Will, well defined Purpose, and unwavering Intent, we shall make it so.

Come join us if you will.
The future is ours to mold and behold!
It is a future that many have foretold,
and one that shall be created by those
who are both brave and who are bold!

Please read and study the Private Instrument of Establishment and Articles of Creation of D’Vida Private Society and the Articles of Association for D’Vida Private Society and D’Vida Private Contract Association below.

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