Autograph v Signature

Q: What is an Autograph? #

A: Autograph – This is about our Life energy (our wet ink autograph) that is inherent within each of us – our energetic frequency signature, our physical hands writing the physical and energetic autograph (of autographos: meaning “written with one’s own hand”; AU is also the chemical symbol for gold – the” substance”).  Autograph also denotes one with sovereign integrity (as in a Living Being) in their capacity when one signs their given names on a  document in proper capitalization rules or all in lower case letters. For example: John Henry; john henry; John Henry, House of Doe

Q: What is a Signature? #

Signature – The act putting down a person’s name at the end of an instrument to attest its validity, the name thus written.  A ”signature” may be written by hand, printed, stamped, typewritten, digitally attached, engraved, photographed, lithographed, etc.; it being immaterial with what kind of instrument a signature is made.  In law, a signature is also a commercial term that provides the commercial energy to the documents we sign that turns them into monetized debt.  For example: JOHN HENRY; JOHN HENRY DOE or John Henry Doe.

Q: How do I autograph my Mandate? #
How do my Witnesses autograph my witness? #

The Witnesses can sign in autograph or signature, depending on their knowledge. Someone who is more advanced in their knowledge will be used to using their autograph, and someone who is new and unaware of the difference between the two will most likely sign with their signature. Either one is fine.
They do need to hand print their names Upper-lower case or Uppercase, as long as we can read the hand print – that is what is important. Be sure their thumb prints are done over the word SEAL and are clear, not smudgy. 

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