Court of the Ekklesia

Q: How do I use the court of Ekklesia? #

A: We are only in the very beginning stages of setting up the Court of the Ekklesia within The Ecclesiastical Court for the Kingdom of David to deal with these many situations, and it will take us quite a while to get to the functionality with all of it.

Please continue with the studies. The more we learn the materials, the more it will help us to expand not only our knowledge regarding the Proclamation of Peace and Sovereign Integrity within the Kingdom of David, but we can begin to build our lives of free and unfettered expression in Life. Embodying our “Sovereign Integrity” is not equal to achieving “sovereignty”, it is a matter of Being, not of a label in a false system. It is a spiritual process and state of Being, which is our absolute right to claim and hold, and will transform our lives and transform our world.

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