How to become a Member

This page presents the simple step-by-step process to activate your Full Membership to D’Vida Private Society. Once established, Full Membership will provide you with His Majesty King David’s Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities within the Kingdom of David. By entering your data and submitting the form below, you will receive your Individual Mandate Pack by e-mail consisting of your Proclamation of Peace and Sovereign Integrity Document, your personalized Individual Mandate of Non-Consent, and all associated documents. These, in conjunction with the Proclamation of Peace and Sovereign Integrity document, will provide you with the tools and knowledge to protect yourself and your family from unwanted intrusions, such as compelled vaccinations, mandatory quarantines, harmful business closures, and other enforcement procedures.

Before proceeding, please read the Terms of Use linked below.

Five Easy Steps to Full Membership

Enter Your Data

Click GET STARTED at the bottom of this page, enter your personal data into the form, and click "JOIN".

Download Your Pack

Your Individual Mandate Pack will be created and sent to your e-mail for download.

Complete Your Documents

Follow the instructions in your Individual Mandate Pack to complete the documents.

Upload Your Documents

Scan and Upload Sealed Mandate Page and Witness page, to your Account Profile.

Activate Your Membership

Once your data and documents are verified, your Full Membership is activated.

Enter Your Data

You begin the process of becoming a member of the D’Vida Private Society by entering your personal data into the form found at the bottom of this page and clicking “JOIN”. When you submit your data, you are also affirming that you have read, understood, and accepted the Terms of Use. After you submit your data, the system will create your unique Court Record Number and you will be sent an e-mail containing your personalized Individual Mandate Pack in PDF format for you to download and print.

A Note Concerning Family Members

We have included a place in the Mandate and Writs for the parent or parents, or proper lawful guardian of children or elderly family members, to add those family members so they too can be protected. This is intended to be used for minor children who cannot, in the eyes of the law, state their will before the age of majority, or elderly who are dependent on a caregiver and cannot do it on their own. This is not intended for the applicant to include friends or extended family members, or family members who are of lawful age who can engage in the Mandate of Non-Consent process on their own behalf. All such individuals need to make their own Free Will choice to take these steps and should not be named on the list of family members you wish to protect.

Download Your Pack

Your personal data is automatically merged into the document templates and then presented to you through the PDF file attached by e-mail. Download and read your documents carefully to ensure that all your data is correct. Study the documents and the materials in this web site to achieve full comprehension of the content and purpose of these documents. A full list of the documents can be found immediately below.

The Individual Mandate Pack
includes the following documents:

Greeting Letter

To Print on 100% Cotton Bond Paper and File in your Document Folder/Binder.

Writ of Prohibitio

To Print on 100% Cotton Bond Paper and File in your Document Folder/Binder.

Proclamation Of Peace

To Print on 100% Cotton Bond Paper and File in your Document Folder/Binder.

Mandate of Non-Consent

To Print on 100% Cotton Bond Paper and Autograph and Seal (with Witnesses); Scan and Upload the Mandate Page (p3) and the Witness Page (p4), and then File the full document in your Folder/Binder.

Writ Of Habeas Corpus

To Print on 100% Cotton Bond Paper and File in your Document Folder/Binder.

Overview and Instructions

To be followed carefully and comprehensively, in order to understand and complete the Document Execution Process.

Complete Your Documents

Follow the guidance provided here and the detailed instructions in your Individual Mandate Pack to carefully and comprehensively complete your documents – with witnesses present – by printing, autographing, and sealing the Mandate document as outlined below. Ensure that you have gathered the items described below to correctly complete the Membership application process.


Items Needed for the Membership Process:

Color Printer

Print Letter Size 8.5 x 11 inches (USA),
or A4 Size 210 x 297 mm
(Non-USA Countries – Use Fit-to-Page setting).

100% Cotton Paper

Paper should be 100% Cotton Bond (24 or 32 lb.)
(For a list of paper sources click here)

Blue or Gold Ink Pen

Autograph all documents in Blue or Gold ink

Red Ink Pad

Red Ink Pad (For Seal/Thumb Print)

Document Scanner

Scanner for 300dpi Scanning of Your Completed Documents (or Scanning Service)


A Document Folder/Binder to put your completed documents in (to carry with you at all times.)

Document Execution Process

Upload Your Documents

Upon completion of the Document Execution Process as outlined above, you are now ready to upload the two scanned Mandate pages that have the autographs and seals of you and your witnesses. Scan these two pages at a high resolution (minimum 300 DPI). Name the file using the naming convention shown below* and when ready, upload the scan files to your personal account page using the form provided therein, entitled “Upload Documents”.

* Name the scanned image files using the following naming convention to include your unique CRN (Court
Record Number) followed by “_Completed_Mandate” or “_Completed_Witness”.

You should now have two files named similar to the following example:

  1. DPS.COTE.0000_Completed_Mandate.jpg
  2. DPS.COTE.0000_Completed_Witness.jpg

Login to your Membership Account and click on the Upload Documents button. This will display a simple form that you will use to upload your scanned Mandate page, and Witness page.

Activate Your Membership

Upon receipt of your autographed and sealed page, the Court system will merge the page into your Mandate document for your permanent record. The Court Clerk for The Ecclesiastical Court for the Kingdom of David will verify your unique Court Record Number and your documents. The system will also verify the Writs for you and those family members you have indicated, if any. The Court will then record your Mandate and Writs and enter your Verified Record (containing all documents), into the Permanent Archival Record of the Court of the Ekklesia for the Ecclesiastical Court for the Kingdom of David, to activate your Full Membership. You will receive Confirmation of Activation by e-mail, along with your PDF Welcome Pack for D’Vida Private Society and D’Vida Private Contract Association.


We want to make it very clear that all personal data received from all members will remain private and will never be shared with any other party outside of the Kingdom of David and D’Vida Private Society.  Only authorized administrative and security team members will have access to the data that is submitted.  Our security standards are the highest possible at all levels of our operations and systems.  We will never use member data for any commercial purposes.  Email and contact information will only be used for communications purposes directly to an individual member, or for such things as full membership updates, newsletters, and other matters pertinent to the Society.  In regard to the Court of the Ekklesia records, it is part of the design of the Individual Mandate process that all Individual Mandate of Non-Consent and Sacred Writs will be made available for public viewing on the public access side of the Court Record System once that is in place.  This is an important part of one’s protections within our Society, so that these records can be seen by public actors if any such inquiry is required to assure protections and adherence to the requirements of the Proclamation of Peace and Sovereign Integrity (Sanctuary, Protections, and Immunities).  Also, if one progresses with the use of the individual Court of Record to submit evidence of any correspondence or other documentary content, this too would be made public through the Court Record System.  If any Member wishes that their records not be made public, we will have an easy method by which communications can be sent and received to request this to be done on a case-by-case basis.  This will be installed and ready prior to any launch of publicly available records. 

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